Chatterbox - Project Reports

Chatterbox is emailed to all members as each issue is released.  On this page you will find links to all the special issues of Chatterbox.  These are usually build logs contributed by members.

Please note - All photographs and articles published remain the copyright property of the contributor and SMSC unless released.

Special Expo 2017 Issue (waiting)

Special Issue #6 - Building Occre's Aurora - Michael Butcher

Special Issue #5 - Building the "HMS Vanguard" - Leon Griffiths

Special Issue #4 - Building the HMS Beagle - Mike Barton

Special Issue #3 - Le Canot Imperial - Janos Nemeth and Tom Wolf

Special Expo Issue Expo 2016 

Special issue #2 Building the “Wicked Wench”

Special issue #1 Building the OcCre "Montanes"