President:  Harry Goedings

Secretary: Mike Kelly -

Treasurer: Ralph Hannaford 

Membership and Welfare Officer: Alan Bideleux, assisted by Mike Barton

ANMM Liaison:  Michael Bennett

Vice President: Michael Bennett

Public Officer: Anelia Bennett

Chatterbox Newsletter: Tom Wolf -  

Assistant Chatterbox Editor - Mike Kelly

Assistant Secretary - Anelia Bennett

Web Site: Maurice York - 

For all correspondance and Inquiries please mail secretary 

For all mail and contributions to Chatterbox please email the editors Tom Wolf and Mike Kelly:  


Committee: Mike Barton, Maurice York, Evert van Oeveren, Cathy van Oeveren, Tony Merriott, Geoff Kubank, Mike Kelly, Stephen Smith, Tom Wolf, Alan Bideleux. 

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